Your business is doing well and you want to expand internationally?
Or you want to level up business and add innovation to your business ?

Inspirational testimonials from successful entrepreneurs !
Tuesday 28 November, 18h – 21h @BECI

Join our next scale-up night and listen to our 3 inspiring entrepreneurs. Different backgrounds, different stories but all successful in their domains.
They will testify about their journey and about the challenges they have encountered in their professional and private careers. You will then have the opportunity to submit your request to join our MeDoFly growth program.

The guests of Alain Heureux are :

✅ Eric Everard is Founder & CEO of Easyfairs, a company active in the trade fair and events sector. 📊🎪
Eric gained international notoriety with EasyFairs, which he describes as the Ryanair of trade fairs.Easyfairs employs more than 700 people in Europe and organizes more than 200 trade shows in 20 countries. 🌍✈️
Eric was elected manager of the year by Trends-Tendances in 2012 🏆
Can’t wait to listen to it 👂!!! 😊

✅ Nicolas Crochet is co-CEO of Funds For Goods
This unique company donates half of its own profits to a social project 🤝💰. The project consists of granting loans without interest or guarantees, as well as support, to people in precarious situations to enable them to launch their own entrepreneurial project

✅ Mathieu Gillet co-founder of Creatures, formerly co-founder of Primitiv Ventures Builder, CFO of Menu Next Door… 🏢🍔
Creatures help early-stage startups as “co-founders-as-a-service”. 🚀💼 to navigate the chaos of the zero-to-one stage, and ensures successful fundraising with minimal dilution. 📈💰
But who really is this still very young serial entrepreneur ? 🤔🕵️‍♂️

The conference will be followed by a networking with walking dinner & drinks
The talk show will be in 3 languages ENG/NL/FR
Places are limited, so hurry up (!) and register now for this inspirational scale up night

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